Bluehende Bergwiese

… cherished since 1994.

Meine helle Weisse

Senses rejoice!

Enjoying the moment in high spirits: "Meine helle Weisse" - a bright wheat beer with the original Schneider Weisse aroma, full-bodied and intensive. Its mild freshness is reviving and lifts the senses. The perfect companion for daydreaming on a summer's afternoon - Bavarian zest for life!


  • What a trip

    Postcards from Hell

    Mug up
    While you are hopefully enjoying your well deserved holidays, we keep sweating over providing refreshing wheat beer specialities for you all summer long. So we're always happy to hear from you ...
  • Time to deliver...
    Kick by Klick

    Schneider News
    Unfortunately the pleasures of Schneider Weisse wheat beers were as yet not accessible everywhere on this planet. As yet ...
  • Back for good

    On frequent request

    Schneider News
    We appreciate the wish of so many friends of Schneider Weisse-Freunde and will bring back our legendary TAPX Nelson very soon ...
  • Schneider Weisse Campaign 2017

    More than words ...

    Schneider News
    With passion and experience for great taste ... that is our credo. Hence we follow - for once somewhat immodestly - the principle of ›do good things and talk about it‹. Because great wheat beer can't really have enough followers we present the first motifs of our brand new campaign.
  • Traditions

    In the streets of Sevilla

    Beer and there
    What we call the ›holy week‹ to people from cultural regions defined by the spanish Catholicism is called ›semana santa‹ and is celebrated with loud and colourful processions, that do not really comply with our notion of contemplative holidays. The partly drastic Easter rituals and not least the famous hoods of the so called ›Capuchones‹ in Spain, Latin America and the Philippines might seem somewhat disturbing to us. But in the end, as this award-winning short documentary by film-maker Mateo Cabeza shows, these traditions are not only an expression of deep piety, but also part of an Easter culture of hope and confidence.
  • App to date

    Always take the weather with you ...

    So far spring has made a friendly introduction. So maybe it's a good idea to think about a suitable soundtrack for the season. The new app ›Climatune‹ is here to help ... or is it?