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Our brewery

We believe that pleasure truly enriches our lives. That's why we brew our beers with much pleasure right from the start, applying distinct methods, natural, regional ingredients and rich flavours – unique and always special. This way we create exceptional beers, as special as life itself.

This requires to rely on quality without compromise, even if this means greater investments in time and labour. Our range of products shows, that in the face of all challenges we never lose our joy and curiosity when following new and at time crazy ideas.

Take a small tour …


Grandness and serenity

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A good place for good beer – and the people behind it...

Historical and newer buildings blend into each other seamlessly. While tavern, administration, distribution, laboratory, malt mill and mashhouse are located in the older parts, the section for fermentation, storage and botteling are found in the more recently built rearward structures.

Georg IV. Schneider had transferred the brewery from Munich to Kelheim after the war in 1945. The two complexes are separated by the brewery brook, that has been here for centuries. The impressive old buildings along the waterfront emanate tranquility and a deeply rooted confidence in life.


In good hands

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The doer

As head of production and technical infrastructures Hans-Peter Drexler is one of the "souls“ of Schneider Weisse – keen, open-minded and creative – and always all-eyes for new ideas. The passionate, highly experienced brewer is at the same time a true champion of preserving the legacy of the tradional craftmanship of brewing beer full of character.

Just a moment

Divine pleasures

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With a little help from above...

To us the small „altar“ at the entrance is a daily reminder, that a higher, friendly force helps us to always have only the best resources at our disposal...for a little celestial bliss can never harm, when brewing ambrosial beer. It is most of all reminds us to be grateful for all the good life around us.


Truly a good place to take a moment to pause and reflect.

Excellent ingredients

Best zest

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True grit

Storing and drying of the crop was in older times done in the huge attics of the brewery. Today the malt mill is placed here.


From here the shredded malt is transported to the mashouse. It then gets mixed with the brewing water in large mash tuns and then heated. During this process the malt sugar dissolves into the liquid.


This liquid then is separated from the insoluble components of the malt in the lauter tun. In the next step the so called refined wort is cooked in the brewing copper. 


Room to breathe

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The heart of production – the open fermentation

In this hygienically confined section of the brewery the extensive open vats offer a wellnes treatment for our yeast. A lot of air and oxygene make for perfect working conditions for a natural, intensive fermentation. The open vats facilitate the development of much more complex flavours than it would be the case with closed tanks. 


The typical white flocculations are ascending "Hefekräusen" (yeast foam caused by the fermentation process), that encapsule unwanted hop resin. Wheat beer is thus a top-fermented beer. The skimming of the "Hefekräusen" is done daily by hand.

Good care


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...but verify!

Especially with such an elaborate production process, largely done by hand, as that of Schneider Weisse, continuous quality checks are simply mandatory. The measuring tools of our rigid quality inspectors are therefore impeccable.


More than 18.000 probes, 90.000 test readings and 2.100 tastings a year speak for themselves. Working as an inspector for Schneider Weisse is thus a job only for early birds that are tough and reliable.


Capturing freshness

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Genie in a bottle – and great beer granted

We've done it! Everything is in order, our "Weisse" is ready for botteling. As we conduct a true bottle fermentation a pinch of relish is added before sealing the bottles, nourishing the yeast during the further fermentation process.


It is part of our belief in the best quality of our products that we do without pasteurization and filtration. This way our beer remains fresh and in a natural state. The slightly shorter preservability that comes with this approach is a little prize to pay for these benefits.


On the way

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Helping (machine) hands

The freshly labeled bottles containing the green beer are automatically sorted into beer crates and are stored for another two weeks in temperature-controlled rooms. Now the time for the bottle fermentation has come. Afterwards the beer is standing by for delivery in our logistic center.

Special beers

In great depth

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Special storage for special beers

The old, cavernous celler of our brewery rock-cut from the slopes of the Danube valley is really precious to us. Here we store our Vintage Aventinus beer for many years at a constant temperature of 8 centigrade –  a rare, limited wheat beer speciality.

In the oldest, historic complex of the brewery you will also find our Barrique-cellar – the favourite room for experimentation of our chief master brewer Hans-Peter Drexler. For month our special types Aventinus and Aventinus Eisbock are being stored here in delicate oak barrels, with the sole purpose of being bottled as a „Cuvée Barrique“ once a year for all those aficionados of special pleasures.


Naturally for our nature

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Certifying the future

What might look like a futuristic event location is actually our state of the art wood chip heater. This facility is an important part of our lasting distinguished environmental and energy management plan. There is hardly any certificate in the field that we haven't obtained in the past ... and that even years before environmental protection became a major topic of media coverage.  



Oasis of calm

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A gastronomical gem beneath old trees

We recommend a visit to our cozy beer garden as the appropriate conclusion of a tour of our brewery. And even if the weather condition don't comply, the rustic parlour of the brewery will compensate you for lack of sunlight. There's room here for everyone ...


Freshly brewed

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A real treat

Never forget: experience is more important than theory. The Bräuhaus offers the whole range of Schneider Weissen wheat beer from "classic" to „special" and „noble“ freshly brewed for degustation – quenching your thirst and delighting your tongue.  



Open views for open minds

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Looking ahead

The "Befreiungshalle" in sight of the brewery reminds us erveryday to look ahead, to liberate ourselves from thought patterns outdated and to go our very own way.

A great place for inspiration.

We wish you countless moments of joy with Schneider Weisse!

Our Schneider …

Brewery taverns

In the midst of life: the Schneider Weisse taverns. If right in the heart of Munich's old quarters, in the calmer district Berg am Laim or in Kelheim close to today's brewing site – our brewery taverns are vivid stamping grounds for the young and the older, for locals and guests from all over the world. And, not least: they all serve the complete assortment of our outstanding wheat beers. 

Schneider Bräuhaus im Tal

Tal 7
80331 München
0049 89 / 2901380

Daily opening hours
08:00 a.m. - 00:30 a.m.
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Schneider Bräuhaus Berg am Laim

Baumkirchner Strasse 5
81673 München
0049 89 / 4316381

Daily opening hours
09:00 a.m. - at least 11:30 p.m.
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Schneider Bräuhaus Kelheim

Emil-Ott-Strasse 3
93309 Kelheim
0049 9441 / 3480

Daily opening hours
10:00 a.m. - 0:00 a.m.
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