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What does TAP mean?

We apply the term TAP as a sort of index. With the demonination from TAP1 to TAP11 we simply show the variety of our assortment and at the same time refer to one of the best ways to enjoy our wheat beers – straight from the tap.

How is Schneider Weisse different from other wheat beers?

Our amber-coloured Schneider Weisse Original is said to be an as inexplicable as fascinating
experience when it comes to flavour. Maybe its because ...

... we have been brewing beer since 1872 specializing in wheat beer from the very beginning.

... we still make use of the traditional process of fermentation as one of the most important quality features: the main
fermentation in the open vessel and the following genuine bottle fermentation. It is true that this method is very
expensive, but on the other hand it gives our wheat beer specialities an unmistakable nature with a rich flavour
and sparkling freshness.

... we still brew in accordance with traditional craftsmanship: unfiltered, unpasteurized, simply natural.

... we decided: quality is more important than quantity.

... the name Schneider stands for extraordinary quality already in the sixth generation.

2. What sorts of beer do you offer?

We offer these wheat beer specialities to dealers and caterers:


  • TAP1 Meine helle Weisse:
    Refreshing like a dance in a summer breeze, tempting with light dishes
  • TAP2 Mein Kristall:
    Refreshing for body and soul with a delightful tingle
  • TAP3 Mein Alkoholfreies:
    Powerful and refreshing without alcohol
  • TAP4 Meine Festweisse:
    A hint of spring freshness – a perfect companion of fine vegetables
  • TAP5 Meine Hopfenweisse:
    Hoppy – a new wheat beer style
  • TAP6 Mein Aventinus:
    Deep and complex – for big and relaxing moments by the fire
  • TAP7 Mein Original:
    The full complexity of the genuine Bavarian wheat beer – goes well with hearty food
  • TAP11 Meine leichte Weisse:
    Light and easy – an elated encounter
  • Aventinus Eisbock:
    A proof of strength. Powerful aromas and an intense flavor



More information on our beer specialities here:

Our Assortment

Where can I purchase Schneider wheat beer?

Schneider products can be purchased by many retailers and liquor stores. Just get in touch with us to find out where you can get your Schneider Weisse in your vicinity. You might also try to check out our supply sources search tool.

Supply Sources

A holiday without Schneider Weisse? Hard to imagine?

You can enjoy your Schneider Weisse in more than 40 countries around the world. Find out now if your holiday destination is among them ...

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Open fermentation followed by bottle fermentation – how does that work exactly? And how does that improve the quality of Schneider Weisse wheat beers?

The main fermentation of our wheat beer takes place in open vessels instead of closed tanks. It is true that the latter method is less expensive. But closed tanks have a negative effect on flavours. In our process of fermentation the yeast gets air, and we mean: a lot of air. Just the right amount of oxygene for the harmonic-spicy flavour that is typical for Schneider Weisse. At the end of the main fermentation the yeast rises (hence wheat beer is called "top-fermented beer"). In contrast to many other breweries at Scheider Weisse this yeast is still skimmed off very carefully by hand. Afterwards the genuine bottle fermentation proceeds.

This is a rather elaborate method, which is also used in the production of champagne. Only few breweries make use of it.
During this second maturation, which lasts for three weeks, the valuable yeast gradually settles at the bottom. At
the same time the amount of carbon dioxide increases. The bottle fermentation creates fresh, aromatic beer with
a clear note of the top-fermenting yeast. Thus, Schneider Weisse gets its typical complex yet mild taste.

What exactly do you mean when talking about "natural beer specialities"?

First: we do not pasteurize our beer. Thus we create beer specialities shaped by healthy, vital yeast, keeping it
fresh for a long time. And second: our wheat beer is not filtered. That way all natural contents are being preserved and form
the rich taste and full body characteristic to our brew specialities. All our wheat beer specialities are natural – which you can actually taste!

You emphasize the conistency in quality of Schneider Weisse specialities. Any proof for that?

Being able to produce beer of a constantly high quality is indeed "the art of brewing". Today we brew with the
competence and experience of no less than 130 years in wheat beer production. During all this time, numerous national and international awards regularly confirm the high quality standards of our wheat beer specialities. But
the best confirmation is that provided by our customers. We are proud that the number of wheat beer connoisseurs supporting Schneider Weisse is constantly on the rise. Meanwhile you can enjoy our specialities in Bavaria, Germany
and more than 40 countries all over the world.

Why is Schneider Weisse called "the mother of all wheat beers" by many connoisseurs?

The founder of our brewery, the royal-Bavarian master brewer Georg Schneider I., purchased the right to brew
wheat beer from the fairy-tale king Ludwig II. Originally, brewing of top-fermented wheat beer had been a
privilege of the Bavarian rulers. But in the last decades of the 19th century wheat beer bedame somewhat out of fashion. Thus the Bavarian ruler was somewhat relieved to find a buyer for the wheat beer production that had caused him heavy losses. Georg Schneider I. preserved the wheat beer culture in the late 19th century and, with his first Schneider Weisse, brewed "the mother of all wheat beers". We keep up this tradition with pride and have not changed the original brewing process.

Which Georg Schneider is running the brewery at present?

Georg Schneider VI.! He entered the family business in 1992 and took over the sole management of the
private wheat beer brewery G. Schneider & Son in 2000.

Who does "Schneider Weisse" actually belong to?

The brewery has always been in the hands of the Schneider family. And it will remain an independent
Bavarian family-owned brewery, independent of big corporate brewery groups. It was founded in 1872 by Georg Schneider I., the great-, great-, great-grandfather of present-day manager Georg Schneider VI. The brewery bears the name
"Weisses Bräuhaus G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH".

I'd like to learn more about how Schneider Weisse is brewed. Do you offer guided tours?

Yes, our charming tour guides will be pleased to show you our brewery and its museum in Kelheim. At the end of
the tour you can even bottle some beer yourself the traditional way. Our tours start every Tuesday at 2 pm, from May - November and also every Thursday at 2 pm all year long. Special tours can be arranged for groups on weekdays.

Simply call 0049 9441/705-0 or use our

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Does Schneider Weisse participate in any kind of sponsoring?

Although a middle-class business, we are "only" a comparatively small company and therefore only support specific
regional activities in the fields of culture and sports, budgeted and planned several years in advance. Therefore we
unfortunately cannot consider near-term requests.

Does Schneider Weisse support events with donation in kind, promotion material or financial donations?

Yes, we do. But regarding the vast number of respective requests we receive every day we have to ask for your understanding, that we simply cannot consider every single inquiry.

How can I obtain the Schneider Weisse beer glas and other promotional articles?

Our „Kaufladen“ (shop) is opened 24/7. You can also visit our store in in Kelheim or our Munich-based brewery tavern, the "Schneider Bräuhaus“ (located in: Tal 7, Munich). A whole range of Schneider Weisse articles can be purchased at both locations.


Are there any Schneider Weisse fanclubs?

Certainly! There are more than 60 fanclubs of Schneider Weisse in Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone, all founded as self-initiatives. Just check out our fanclub listing to find symphatizers like – hopefully yourself. By the way: every year one of these fanclubs hosts a full meeting for all Schneider Weisse fans.

Schneider Weisse Fanclubs

Does the „Schneider Bräuhaus“ in Munich belong to Schneider Weisse as well?

It does, and it is even the parent house of our family brewery, since it was here that Georg I. Schneider brewed the first Schneider wheat beer in 1872. After extensive rebuilding in the 1980s it became of the most notable and tradition-rich taverns in all of Munich. Just come and see – we are certainly looking forward to welcoming you!