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A fine beer for fine occasions

Perfect for special occasions: "Mein Kristall" - the prickly crystal "Weissbier" free of yeast, the ideal choice for a stimulating aperitif, served in a fine tall glass. With its delicate carbonation it's a truly inspiring drink for getting attuned to a reception. It also goes astonishingly well with fish. But even in a classic wheat beer glas its never out of place.

  • Schneider-Weisse-Biergarten-Tal

    How the Bavarian beergarden startet to blossom...

    Spring is here - time for all you epicurs to pay a visit to one of the many beergardens all over Bavaria, we guess. But: what are the origins of every Bavarians favourite places?
  • Fresh labels

    Our assortment redesigned!

    Schneider News
    Schneider Weisse just introduced the new label design for their assortment of wheat beer specialities - without any changes to the sophistication that makes us the number one choice for wheat beer fans...
  • Distinguished taste
    Gold for our Aventinus Eisbock

    Schneider News
    This autumn is truly golden - as our Aventinus Eisbock has ›Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival‹ has ranked at a top position. We are happy that even far up North our Bavarian beer specialities are valued...
  • Sporty

    Sightseeing with side effects

    Schneider moves
    A few days after the end of Munich's Oktoberfest there is a great chance to redeem yourself for all those little sins that come in form of boiled chicken and cotton candy. So get a move on at the Munich Marathon on October 8th 2017 ...
  • Flirting guide
    Kinky or knot?

    We are hardly the first to try and shed some light on this muddled mystery. But since the positioning of the apron's knot to a "Dirndl" can reveal more about the relationship status of the wearer than any Facebook-Account, we'll give it yet another shot.
  • Time to deliver...
    Kick by Klick

    Schneider News
    Unfortunately the pleasures of Schneider Weisse wheat beers were as yet not accessible everywhere on this planet. As yet ...