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Mein Kristall

A fine beer for fine occasions

Perfect for special occasions: "Mein Kristall" - the prickly crystal "Weissbier" free of yeast, the ideal choice for a stimulating aperitif, served in a fine tall glass. With its delicate carbonation it's a truly inspiring drink for getting attuned to a reception. It also goes astonishingly well with fish. But even in a classic wheat beer glas its never out of place.

  • Time to deliver...
    Kick by Klick

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    Unfortunately the pleasures of Schneider Weisse wheat beers were as yet not accessible everywhere on this planet. As yet ...
  • Schneider Weisse Campaign 2017

    More than words ...

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    With passion and experience for great taste ... that is our credo. Hence we follow - for once somewhat immodestly - the principle of ›do good things and talk about it‹. Because great wheat beer can't really have enough followers we present the first motifs of our brand new campaign.
  • Craftbeer

    For true explorers ...

    Schneider News
    Lower Bavarias biggest craftbeer fair takes place on the second weekend of May at the ›Sparkassen Arena‹ in Landshut, with100 beer specialities ready for degustation and a whole range of supporting events ...
  • Schneider live

    Celebrating the extraordinary ...

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    Braukunst Live! - this special events stands for visionaries, maniacs und a whole bunch of beer affecionados. No wonder we feel at home here! 2017 Schneider Weisse once more participated in this wonderful fair centered around the art of brewing great beer. Care for some insights? Come on in ...
  • Trachten-Musiker betrachtet ein Notenblatt

    New website
    A new look taylormade …

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    Relax, you haven't been led astray: our website has been reworked from its very foundations … and there is much to discover. Let us give you a brief overview.
  • Georg Schneider

    Joint forces

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    Georg Schneider, managing partner of the Schneider Weisse G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH, Kelheim, has been elected president of the Bayerischen Brauerbund e.V.. The assembly of the central asssociation of the Bavarian brewery industry voted for him concordantyl on May 12th 2016.