… taken lightly since 1986.

Meine leichte Weisse

Whole flavour for the whole day

Carefree, light pleasure: "Meine leichte Weisse" - the wheat beer with less alcohol but full aromatic wheat beer flavour. An ideal choice for that moment in between, at lunch-time or in the afternoon. Its refreshingly tangly note offers delectable, delightful moments, suitable for any occassion - and certainly a crowning finale of your day.

  • Time to deliver...
    Kick by Klick

    Schneider News
    Unfortunately the pleasures of Schneider Weisse wheat beers were as yet not accessible everywhere on this planet. As yet ...
  • Schneider Weisse campaign 2017

    Behind the scenes

    Schneider News

    Yes, a lot of workl went into the preparation of our new campaign. But it was worth it, we think - and quite a bit of fun as this little insight behind the scenes surely shows. We'd like to thank everyone involved once again a thousand times!

  • Schneider Weisse Campaign 2017

    More than words ...

    Schneider News
    With passion and experience for great taste ... that is our credo. Hence we follow - for once somewhat immodestly - the principle of ›do good things and talk about it‹. Because great wheat beer can't really have enough followers we present the first motifs of our brand new campaign.
  • App to date

    Always take the weather with you ...

    So far spring has made a friendly introduction. So maybe it's a good idea to think about a suitable soundtrack for the season. The new app ›Climatune‹ is here to help ... or is it?
  • Schneider live

    Celebrating the extraordinary ...

    Schneider News
    Braukunst Live! - this special events stands for visionaries, maniacs und a whole bunch of beer affecionados. No wonder we feel at home here! 2017 Schneider Weisse once more participated in this wonderful fair centered around the art of brewing great beer. Care for some insights? Come on in ...
  • Carnival season 2017

    High times

    Mug up
    Has there ever been a better time? When the demon of ignorance and intolerance takes the street much too often, what could be a better rally for freedom, individuality, solidarity and the joy of living in times than the carnival, which starts on this Thursday on 11:11 a.m. with a true blast in many regions of Germany. And even if you are not really into costumes and dancing in the streets, this subtle, warm-hearted portrait of Cologne's legendary street carnival by film maker Sertac Yuksel might just change your mind. No words required. So let this true celebration of love and unity begin ...