Schneider wheat beer specialities



The traditional archetype of wheat beer from Munich: brewed in accordance with the original recipe since 1872 - unaltered in composition and unchanged in popularity. Read more…

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Helle Weisse

The bright, fruity-fresh wheat beer: your perfect companion for daydreaming on a summer's afternoon.

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The sparkling crystal "Weissbier" made completely without yeast is the ideal choice for a stimulating aperitif - and naturally still also suited for the classic wheat beer glas.

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The slightly darker, isotonic thirst-quencher energizes with 100% wheat beer taste. And with the strength of Bavaria.

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Schneider's former Oktoberfest beer renewed from the classic recipe. Gorgeously refreshing and smooth.

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First "Collaboration Brew" between Bavaria and New York - a bold, fruity wheat beer that exceeds all expectations. 

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Bavaria's oldest "Doppelbock", distinguished around the world - intensive and fiery, warming, well-balanced and tender.

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Leichte Weisse

The delicate wheat beer, low in alcohol and with an amazingly aromatic wheat beer flavour. Refreshingly fizzy.

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Aventinus Eisbock

Magic and a black soul - our dark "Eisbock" is in a league of its own. Matured in a special freezing process following a special recipe, strong and intensive. 

Produkt Eisbock

Eine musikalisch spritzige Komposition der Band LaBrassBanda und Schneider Weisse. Aromen von Stachelbeere und weißer Holunderblüte geben den Ton an. Weiterlesen …

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The Schneider Weisse world of wheat beer


Every Schneider Weisse is the manifestation of an exceeding mastery in brewing to any true wheat beer enthusiast – and those about to become one. This is what our unique and characterful wheat beer specialities stand for: Every single Schneider Weisse beer is no less than the individual interpretation of an adventure in taste. Still they are all bound by a common affirmation of their Bavarian origin and the purity law ("Reinheitsgebot"). Browse through our assoertment now to find out what makes our wheat beer creations so special.