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How to warm up for the hot spiced wheat beer...

When the autumnal forests start glowing warmer than the low sun, then it is time for you to enjoy quite a special drink – the hot spiced wheat beer. If you now think beer can only be a real treat, when it is well cooled, then we recommmend to warm up to our recipe.

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It may look like an ordinary mulled wine... It is, however, an absolutely unusual beer speciality

The original hot spiced wheat beer comes from Belgium and is known as („Glühkriek“ ) (kriek is the Flemish word for morello).

In a two-year-process the brewery Liefmanns ( produces a morello beer with a sourish fruity flavour. The basis for the morello beer is a Lembic, a traditional Belgian beer style. It is made of water, malt and hops, however, no yeast is added.

The wort boils for several hours. Then the brew remains for some time in an open tank. By a special circulation process yeast from the air gets into the beer and makes it ferment. In the technical terminology it is called spontaneous fermenting. The Lembic ripens for one year, before freshly harvested morellos are added. This mixture remains in oak barrels for another ten months, before it is bottled (without the cherries). In summertime it is served as a very refreshing drink. Warmed up and improved with Christmas spices and honey in the cold season, it is a perfect alternative to mulled wine. 

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But we show you how to make your own mixture quite easily.

It is difficult to get the original („Glühkriek“ ) in Germany. Therefore there are numerous alternative products available. But in most cases they are produced with artificial flavours and further additives.

At some Christmas markets in Germany, home made and recommendable hot spiced beers are sold. They are made with Christmas spices, cherry or orange juice. Of course no Pils or Helles must be used as basis. A dark Bockbeer is best suited, as it already contains sweety malt flavours. In addition it entails a pleasant feeling in the mouth.

Ingredients for about 1.3 l of hot spiced beer


1 l of Bockbier (e.g. Schneider Weisse TAP6 Mein Aventinus)

1 pinch of nutmeg

1 pinch of cardamom

3 cloves

1 cinnamon stick

1 pinch of cinnamon

9 cl of lemon juice

1 star anise

14 cl of brown rum

250 ml  of cherry juice

1 piece of ginger, about the size of one sugar lump

6 spoonfulls of brown sugar

1.5 spoonfulls of honey

1 vanilla pod


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Warm the Bockbier up to 60 °C (it must not boil!) Scratch the marrow out of the vanilla pod. Add it to the beer together with the other ingredients. Allow to draw for about 15 min at the same temperature. If desired add some more rum or cherry juice. Remore cinnamon stick, star anise, cloves and ginger, before serving.


Just give the hot spiced beer a trial. We warmly recommend it...

Schneider Weisse TAP6 Aventinus am Kamin mit Kaiserschmarrn

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