What drives us

Discover wheat beer anew


Wheat beer is a synonym for Bavaria – but it not only stands for sociability and beer gardens, not only for hiking, outdoor sports and the bliss of summer days; it is much more than just light, dark or non-alcoholic. Wheat beer means joy of life, means happiness and contentment, it is a declaration of love to the moment: there is a special "Weisse" for every special moment – classic, extraordinary or noble.

What makes us special...




Since 1872

Passion & Experience

Especially courageous
More than just brewers: wheat beer pioneers.

Brewing great wheat beer was our passion long before its value and its contribution to the Bavarian "savoir vivre" were commonly acknowledged. Since Georg I. Schneider obtained the right to brew wheat beer in 1872 (the first commoner to be granted this privilege), we have been constantly creating new wheat beer specialities, at times against all odds and conventions, independent of trends and with enduring courage. The knowledge and experience gained over generations is nearly unrivaled in Bavaria, Germany and the world.

Wheat beer is a fascinating universe of possibilities, of combining ingredients, flavours, aromas, colours and intensities. That's why we not only appreciate all the different types of Schneider wheat beer we offer today, but also look ahead with excitement, to all the new, exceptional treats we will generate from the wheat beer universe tomorrow … for your very special pleasure.

Skimmed by hand

The primal craft beer

Especially traditional
Beyond industrial production: true craftmanship.

Pleasure needs time and ease. Just what it takes to brew wheat beer of an outstanding quality. The commitment, care and patience, that we have been cultivating for many generations today seems a bit out of style. But: resigning from our devotion to the quality of our beer and the enjoyment that comes with it just to save on production costs to us is simply out of the question. 

Therefore our beer is fermented in open vats instead of closed tanks, to allow the yeast to fully breathe. This is the origin the soft, multi-faceted, fruity and aromatic flavours that are typical for our wheat beers. Afterwards our master brewers skim the yeast with great care and traditionally by hand, in order to remove the so called "Kräuse" (foam caused by the fermentation process) that encapsules the prickly bitter hop resins. As you can see: we have been brewing true "craft beers" long before it became the big hype it is today.

Life bottled

Simply natural

Especially aromatic
Preserving freshness.

What makes Schneider Weisse so rich in flavour, so intensive and fresh compared to other wheat beers? Because fermenting our beer just like champagne right in the bottle simply keeps it alive! 


After the open fermentation the green beer is immediately filled into bottles or barrels – untreated, without heating or filtration. This way all the precious ingredients that make our wheat beer so special are being preserved. Only then can our beers unfold their specific aromatic depth and opulence and develop their natural, finely beaded freshness.

Real characters

To each their own

Especially varied
Defying standards, enjoying variety.

Life offers countless unique moments and experiences. That's why we do not restrict ourselves to just one type of wheat beer, but offer a broad assortment made to make every moment a special occasion, from "classic" to "crazy": from malty, fruity and light wheat beers to true "hop bombs", vigorous "Doppelbock" beers, vintage strong beers matured in rock-cut cellars over several month and noble specialities right from barrique barrels – that's how multi-facetedly enjoyable wheat beer can actually be.


Simply: as special as life itself.

Native soil

Made in Bavaria

Especially local
Resources from the homeland – a shortcut from global trade.

Good beer is born on the land: we purchases our ingredients nearly exclusively from the region of the "Hallertau", the uplands of the Franconian "Jura" and the area of the "Straubinger Gäuboden" close to Munich – with all the very best soils right on our doorstep. For generations the farmes cultivating these stretches of land have been masters in producing best brewing ingredients. And for generations they have been on friendly terms with our family – great relationships based on trust. This way every Schneider Weisse wheat beer is a product of our respect for experience and tradition ... and furthermore a unique expression of our provenance.

Traditionally pure

Our first commandment

Especially guaranteed

Our imperative guideline: the "Reinheitsgebot".

Where others see restrictions, we see possibilities: mathematically there are no less than 28 billion possible combinations of hop, malt and yeast – not even taking different water qualities and brewing procedures into account. Combining nature's inexhaustable richness in ingredients to guarantee the best possible quality when creating unique beer specialities (and without additives) is nothing short of an art form! With experience and patience we constantly strive to live up to that task – always on the grounds of the German "Reinheitsgebot".

Great for generations

Rootet and connected

Especially familial
A Bavarian family enterprise instead of an anonymous corporation.

For us enjoying great beer is also a matter of trust. And the trust we have gained from our customers is inseparable from all the people that work with and for us in our family based brewing company, that is so strongly rooted in our homeland.


Being on good terms with our neighbours, living up to the promise of brewing great beer for satisfied customers, and not least continuously passing on a business filled with treasures of experience to the next generation – all that is our basis of trust. And it is what allows us to choose an individual perspective on what we do – independent from mere profiteering and always open to new ideas and an inspiring togetherness.

Quality sustained

A question of attitude

Especially sustainable
Rivalling short term dumping prices by enduring values.

Thinking sustainably makes rotten compromise obsolete. That's why we follow the principles of maximum quality and imperative sincerity. This attitude mirrors the Bavarian credo "live and let live."


However, what might sound easy in theory requires consistency and transparency in practice. Making fast deals, stalling customers and partners, or applying profit-oriented tactics may at times seem tempting, but simply do not comply with our company values. Pleasure is not negotiable. This ambition comes at a price … but pays of in merit.



Stronger together

Especially open

Challenging the tried and trusted.

It's a good thing brewing a popular wheatbeer. But with a fundamental believe in the value of pleasure and joy in life it is always worthwhile to think outside the box. Because pleasure has many faces:  trend scouts, food bloggers, young and wild brewers , cooks, artists, innkeepers, retailers or all those aficionados of Schneider Weisse specialities – they all are important to our aim to promoting and cultivating beer culture. Therefore Georg VI. Schneider is in constant exchange with experts of the unusual and new, in friendship, via networks and intitiatives, national as international. These people inspire and encourage us to question the ordinary and to join in new ideas. Creating the pleasures of a vivid future today.


The savourer's choice

Escpecially rewarded

With distinction versus the ordinary.

Our "Weisse" are among the most dinstinguished wheat beers national as international. That makes us proud, as it prooves that our ambitions have lead to a whole new standard in sophisticated brewing. But more than by any award we are driven by the fact that our visions for a truly outstanding wheat beer have been met with so much acclaim by true connoisseurs, and that Schneider Weisse today can be enjoyed in more than 40 countries around the world. Awards are great, but the satisfaction of happy wheat beer fans is the real reward.