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Schneider's favourite dishes
With the third recipe from the Schneider family collection Georg Schneider and top chef Peter Schlegel let the Christmas bells ring: today’s dish is a winter and Christmas classic, deeply rooted in the culinaric family chronicle as this was the favourite dish of Georg V. Schneider ...
Schneider News
Georg Schneider, managing partner of the Schneider Weisse G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH, Kelheim, has been elected president of the Bayerischen Brauerbund e.V.. The assembly of the central asssociation of the Bavarian brewery industry voted for him concordantyl on May 12th 2016.
Schneider moves
On August 11th 2016 the sixth "FUS Riversurfing Contest" was held on the Eisbach in Munich's Englischer Garten ... supported by Schneider Weisse. Watch the video now and find out just how spectacular this evening was ... we are looking forward to 2017's event!
Rich in flavour, rich in varieties

Our assortment

Schneider Braeuhaus Muenchen Tal
Mein Original

The traditional archetype of wheat beer from Munich: brewed in accordance with the original recipe since 1872 - unaltered in composition and unchanged in popularity. Read more…

Produkt Tap 7
Tap11 Meine leichte Weisse passt perfekt zu einem frischen Salat-Teller
Meine leichte Weisse

The delicate wheat beer, low in alcohol and with an amazingly aromatic wheat beer flavour. Refreshingly fizzy.

Produkt Tap 11
Marie’s Rendezvous

This enticing savoury wheat beer is of outstanding opulence, combined with a refreshing dry finish.

Produkt Tap X
Aventinus Eisbock steht auf dem Tisch eines modernem Restaurant
Aventinus Eisbock

Magic and a black soul - our dark "Eisbock" is in a league of its own. Matured in a special freezing process following a special recipe, strong and intensive. 

Produkt Eisbock
Tap1 Meine helle Weisse auf dem Deck eines Segelboots
Meine helle Weisse

The bright, fruity-fresh wheat beer: your perfect companion for daydreaming on a summer's afternoon.

Produkt Tap 1
Zwei Frauen stossen mit einem Glas Tap2 Mein Kristall an
Mein Kristall

The sparkling crystal "Weissbier" made completely without yeast is the ideal choice for a stimulating aperitif - and naturally still also suited for the classic wheat beer glas.

Produkt Tap 2
Mountainbike Schneider Weisse TAP3 Mein Alkoholfrei
Mein Alkoholfrei

The slightly darker, isotonic thirst-quencher energizes with 100% wheat beer taste. And with the strength of Bavaria.

Produkt Tap 3
Tap 4
Meine Festweisse

Schneider's former Oktoberfest beer renewed from the classic recipe. Gorgeously refreshing and smooth.

Produkt Tap 4
Schneider Weisse Tap5 Feierabend
Meine Hopfenweisse

First "Collaboration Brew" between Bavaria and New York - a bold, fruity wheat beer that exceeds all expectations. 

Produkt Tap 5
Schneider Weisse TAP6 Aventinus am Kamin mit Kaiserschmarrn
Mein Aventinus

Bavaria's oldest "Doppelbock", distinguished around the world - intensive and fiery, warming, well-balanced and tender.

Produkt Tap 6

Your wheat beer
brewery since 1872.

Tap7 Mein Original zum bayerischen Weisswurst-Fruehstueck


Wellenreiter Eisbach Englischer Garten München


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