Our A-Z Oktoberfest. Today: "A" for "App".

Roughly 6 million visitors come to the world's biggest fair each year, turning the festive area into a small town right in the heart of the Bavarian capital - and a quite densely populated one as well ... so frustrations from queueing in front of overcrowded beer tents or getting hopelessly lost in the swirrling alleys of the "Festwiese" are very common. Fortunately though, a range of mainly cost-free smartphone apps come to the rescue: In which tent can we still get seats? Where can I find a specific fairground attraction? Where can I party on after the Oktoberfest has closed down for the day?

Following some thorough testing we'd like to specially recommend two apps: the official Oktoberfest-app provided by the municipality of Munich and the app offered by the online info portal "". Both apps are available for Apple and Android, are completely free of charge and quite similar in their scope of functions:

Both provide a navigation function, not only leading users reliably to any certain point on the Oktoberfest grounds and its close surroundings, but also monitoring the occupancy of the beer tents in real-time. Moreover, both give detailled overviews to main events surrounding the "Wiesn", like parades, concerts or family days. Naturally, they also offer locally precise weather reports and webcams mirroring more or less every corner of the Oktoberfest.