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A day's reward

For golden moments by the fireplace: "Mein Aventinus" - the wholehearted, dark ruby coloured wheat beer, intensive and fiery, warming, well-balanced and tender. Bavaria's oldest wheat "Doppelbock" - brewed since 1907! Its sturdy body in combination with its sweet malty aroma is an invitation to profound indulgence - an ingenious blend with a strong body.  Perfectly matches rustic dishes, dark roasts and sweet desserts.

  • Schneider-Weisse-Biergarten-Tal

    How the Bavarian beergarden startet to blossom...

    Spring is here - time for all you epicurs to pay a visit to one of the many beergardens all over Bavaria, we guess. But: what are the origins of every Bavarians favourite places?
  • Fresh labels

    Our assortment redesigned!

    Schneider News
    Schneider Weisse just introduced the new label design for their assortment of wheat beer specialities - without any changes to the sophistication that makes us the number one choice for wheat beer fans...
  • Schneider Weisse awarded Gold and Bronze at the European Beer Star 2018

    Schneider News
    Schneider Weisse has picked up a number of awards at this year’s 2018 European Beer Star:
  • Schon vor über 100 Jahren hielt der Frankfurter Maler Johann Heinrich Hasselhorst die wilden Szenen in der Starkbierzeit fest. Bestimmt war auch der Aventinus hier Spiel ;-)

    Liquida non frangunt jejuneum - Liquids don't violate abstinence.

    Here we are again:  This year's Lenten season starts on Ash Wednesday, i.e. February 14th. For forty days many people strictly abide by the yearly fasting. The really consistent ones only stick to liquid food like broth, tea or juice. But it is entirely up to the individual, what he or she wants to dispense with during these almost seven weeks.
  • Autumn Enjoyment

    The temperature is increasing

    Jetzt ist sie ohne Zweifel da, die Zeit der kurzen, dunklen Tage - da kann ein wenig Helligkeit nicht schaden! Wir machen aus einem Glühen einen echten Lichtblick, und verraten euch unser Rezept für Glühbier...
  • Nice to meet you

    Round trips

    Schneider moves
    Welcome and Grüß Gott from Schneider Weisse in Kelheim upon Donau. We'd like to invite you to a little tour through our brewery. In its course you'll learn more about our brewery and the team behind our special wheat beers – enjoy!