Today the Oktoberfest A to Z goes back in time: "F" wie "Festweisse"

You may have asked yourselves, why we have recurred so frequently on the Munich Oktoberfest in the past couple of days. There's actually two reasons: firstly we are true fans of the world's biggest fair. And secondly – only few will know – the Theresienwiese is a second home to us. As the oldest wheat beer brewery in Bavaria we were once part of the Oktoberfest. When exactly the first Schneider beer tent was established is unclear on grounds of the available sources. What we do know however, is when Schneider wheat beers were first served on the "Wiesn": in 1895 the so called "Waizenbierbude", owned by Fritz Reiss, for the first time ever offered wheat beer on the Oktoberfest - our special festive wheat beer, to be precise. At the latest from 1913 onward wheat beer afecionados then found a new home in the Schneider Weisse beer tent, named „Weisses Bräuhaus“.