Finally explained: Why we call our wheat beers ›TAPs‹.

The term TAP is a sort of numeration for our Schneider wheat beer specialities. By indexing our beers from TAP1 to TAP7 (and on to our TAP11 and TAPX) we reflect the diversity of our assortment and still make it more overseeable. Still, Schneider wheat beers are never ›only a number‹, but ›quality accounted for‹ in our daily strive to brewing truly special beers.

What's ›on tap‹ is always the special recommendation of an innkeeper. In that sense the term also very much suits our botteled wheat beers.

But if numbers are not really your thing: naturally every single TAP also has its classic demoniation. If you want to learn more we suggest you simply visit our assortment overview - with all the important facts on our wheat beers.

Get it? Yes - our TAP-nomenclature is the basis for that little pun in our recent Schneider Weisse-campaign ...

All TAPs with ›classic naming‹ and detailed description can be found here: