Schneider's favourite dishes

Tender saddle of vension in creamy chocolate sauce

Winter is the time for dishes of wild game ... The saddle of venison is a true sunday feast of the Schneider family, that Georg VI. Schneider still prepares with great passion himself. In this recipe TAP 6 "Mein Aventinus" picks up the chocolate flavours and through its fizziness ensures that the whole combination stays nuanced and vivid. Still not sure how to indulge your family on Christmas eve? This culinaric Christmas miracle might just do the trick.

Too big for your kitchen? No worries, today no chocolate rollers (like this french model from 1900) are needed
anymore to sweeten dishes of wild game  ...


800g saddle of venison (released)
1/2 onion
2 juniper berries
4 sprigs of rosmary
2cl Schneider Weisse Aventinus
2cl port
1/2 liter dark gravy
10g dark choclate
salt/white pepper


Sautée the onion, add rosemary and juniper berries, deglaze with Aventinus and Port. Pour gravy and boill down. Purée in mixer while adding chocolate and season with salt and pepper.
Keep sauce warm. Salt and pepper the meat and sear all sides, then roast for at least 20 minutes at 120° with circulating air in the oven. Red cabbage and roasted dumplings ("Serviettenknödel") go very well with this delicious dish.

Our recommandation

The TAP6 Mein Aventinus, goes especially well with the saddle of venison, intensive and fiery, warming, well balanced and smooth ... simply the flavour of Christmas.

TAP6 Aventinus